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Digital currency may be prone to fluctuations in value in one currency such as its current tracked currency being the Euro and it may change to another more stable currency. Users engage in the use and possession of digital currencies at their own discretion and at their sole risk.  The price is determined by several factors, including supply and demand for digital currency at a month end price determination window.

Back-up requirements

The wallet exists only on the user’s personal computer or laptop and is solely under the control of the user. Therefore, it is imperative that the User:

- protect all e-wallets containing digital currencies with passwords; and

- save a copy of the e-wallet. Your private keys never leave your

browser, are encrypted with your pass phrase and are stored in your local browser’s database. In the event of loss or destruction of the user’s personal computer or laptop, you should continually make a backup on a disk, external hard drive or memory stick.

Unregulated activity

Digital currency is unregulated offshore. There is no statutory guarantee scheme in the event the Issuer ceases trading, but this is highly unlikely due to its foundation status.

Change of law risk

If it becomes illegal to transact in digital currency in the User’s jurisdiction of residence, it may not be possible to receive value for digital currencies held, or if so, at a highly discounted level relative to the User’s acquisition cost.

If the Issuer is required to obtain a licence to continue operations, this may disrupt its ability to transact in digital currency with Users until the relevant licence has been received.

Counterparty risk

If banks holding the Issuer’s funds cease trading or otherwise do not return those funds to the order of the Issuer for any reason, the Issuer may correspondingly not be in a position to return funds to purchasers or sellers of digital currency.

Liquidity Risk

A deep and liquid market may not develop as quickly for digital currencies with the result that it may be difficult for a short time to sell one’s holding at the desired price in the amount sought at any given time.

Last modified May 17, 2017

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